📍Mondolfo, Italy

Gruppo Montanari, the brand of Society Agriculture Montanari USA President Jeff Montanari and Executive Vice President Christina Melnyk, of Mondolfo, Italy, releases a catalog of organic food products from the region, called Marche’ in the eastern Adriatic area of Italy. These products are organic, biologically certified, and are produced on lands that have been cultivating healthy organic foods for centuries. These products are exclusive and high-end food products from this region. Products include pasta sauces, and variable flavors of vegetables. Organic olive oil, truffle, and various truffle products, including fettuccine, gnocchi, rice, and other exclusive, truffle blends. Additional products include beer, white, and egg pasta, Farro, and many other original Italian foods, such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, asparagus sauce, yellow, tomato sauce, jellies, and spicy products. The catalog is posted online for inquiries for new accounts and ordering. Montanari will be present at food expose internationally in Japan, San Marino, Italy, Miami and Belgium. Continue to watch the Gruppo Montanari website for new products and sales opportunities.