Melnyk Montanari Biological Sauces & Condiments

Fresh organically grown vegetables, tomatoes, and fruits make our sauces and condiments of a wide variety. Perfect for a variety of pasta dishes, ready-to-use sauces & salsas, our range is certified organic & kosher.

  • Le Passate ( TOMATO PASTE) I Sughi pronti ( READY TO USE )
    1. Passata di Pomodori tuttapolpa  BIOLOGICA / Organic whole-pulp tomato puree
    2. Passata Vellutata di pomodoro BIOLOGICA / Organic tomato purée
    3. Passata di pomodori Datterini BIOLOGICA / Organic Datterini tomato puree
    4. Passata di pomodori gialli BIOLOGICA / Organic yellow tomato puree
    5. Passata cipolla e basilico / Puree with onion and basil
    6. Datterini interi in passata di pomodoro BIOLOGICA / Whole datterini tomatoes in Organic tomato puree
    7. Ciliegini gialli interi in passata BIOLOGICA / Whole yellow cherry tomatoes in Organic puree
    8. Pomodori pelati al naturale BIOLOGICI / Organic natural peeled tomatoes
    9. Sugo Pronto al basilico BIOLOGICO / Ready- to -use Organic sauce with basil
    10. Sugo Pronto all’Arrabbiata BIOLOGICO / Organic Ready-to-use Arrabbiata Sauce
    11. Sugo Pronto all’Origano BIOLOGICO / Ready-to-use Organic Sauce with Oregano
    12. Sugo Pronto dell’Orto BIOLOGICO / Ready-made sauce from ORGANIC vegetables from garden
    13. Sugo Pronto del Campo BIOLOGICO / Ready-made Organic Veggie Sauce
    14. Sugo Pronto di ciliegini gialli con peperoni BIOLOGICO / Ready- to -use sauce of organic yellow cherry tomatoes with peppers

  • Le Salse ( SALSA SAUCES)
    1. Salsa Barbecue – BBQ Sauce
    2. Pepper – Salsa dolce piccante / Pepper – Spicy sweet sauce
    3. Salsa di Asparagi – BIOLOGICA / Organic Asparagus Sauce 
    4. Salsa ai Broccoletti / Broccoli Sauce
    5. Salsa ai Carciofi / Artichoke Sauce
    6. Chutney Zucchine e Pesche / Chutney Zucchini and Peaches