Gruppo Montanari

Gruppo Montanari distributes premium quality Italian Food & Wine products.
Our products are mostly Kosher, Biological & part of Societa Agricola Montanari S.S.

Gruppo Montanari

Under the auspices of Jeff and Emily Montanari, from Mondolfo Italy, and working with Tenuta Mattei, Gruppo Montanari is dedicated to bringing the best of Italian products to you, organic, Kosher, and authentically Italian. Holding to highest standards, supervision, and selective capacity, only the premier quality products hit the mark for our distribution.

List of product categories


Selection of  IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) Wines from Le Marche region Italy.

Truffle products

Selection of premium black & white truffled products, sauces and creams.

Olive Oil

Olive oil freshly extracted from local varieties of olives.

Organic Sauces

Made from organically grown tomatoes and vegetables perfect for everyday use.

Organic Pasta

Selection of Organic wholemeal pasta made from durum/spelt wheat variety.

Craft Beer

They are made from various local organic crops and in true craft beer methods.

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